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Sinopsis Film Arn Tempelee Of Riddanren

Forbidden Love Story of A Templar Knight
Directed by : Peter Flinth Produced by :Waldemar Bergendahl, Leif Mohlin, Jan Marnell Written by :Jan Guillou (novels),Hans Gunnarsson (screenplay) Starring : Joakim Nätterqvist, Sofia Helin, Stellan Skarsgård, Simon Callow, Vincent Perez, Bibi Andersson, Michael NyqvistMilind Soman Music by : Tuomas Kantelinen Cinematography :Eric Kress Editing by : Olivier Bugge Coutté, Anders Villadsen Distributed by : Svensk Filmindustri Release date(s) : December 25, 2007 (2007-12-25) Running time 139 min

This Story early with the tender age of a man who called Arn Magnusson in a small village in the age 11.

Arn who have no father live by Impecunious in that country. Because suffering leprosy, Arn Mother go from its village to a convent. In that convent, Arn Mother taken care by Monks while Arn obtain;get the education to be prepared to to become a Monk,However at finally mother Arn passed away in that convent.

In the reality Arn is a very capable student especially in battle science so that a priest present Arn a patrimony sword.

After becoming monk who expert in battle science, Arn return to his village. The Greatness Battle science of Arn proven when he succeed to defeat a his village colonist nob in an venomous sword battle.
The Greatness Battle Science Arn of course make girls in his village become interested of a so girl who called Katarina. But Katarina love is not answered by Arn because Arn fall in love with Cecilia. Arn And Cecilia braid the love affair even happened the pregnancy, something that very forbidden in Catholic church because Arn is a monk.

Because disappointed and ill will because herlove is refused Katarina reported Arn to church. The result is very fatal because Arn and Cecilia get the the devil to pay, Cecilia obliged to detach herself in a convent while Arn have to joint forces with the Ordo of Templar Knights to follow Crusade in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, Arn succeed to save the somebody from robbers. The man who saved by Arn in the reality is a big commander to become Arn war enemy, He is Sultan Saladin. Among Arn and Sultan Saladin experience of the big dilemma. They make a secreet meeting. Sultan Saladin try to persuade the Arn in order not to join crusade because Sultan Saladin does not wish to kill each other with the one who have saved his soul. But as a Knight, Arn of course refuse to run from his responsibility to maintain Jerusalem.
At finally obtained a agreement, Arn swear after his duty finish will immediately return to his country, Sweden.
The beattle Between Arn and Sultan Saladin at finally happened, Both of them is as a war lord. In that beattle, Sultan Saladin Army is repulsed.

Because his service, Arn obtain;get the appreciation become the Holy Military honorary member and permitted to go home to Sweden. News of the going home of Arn is heared by Cecilia and she weep moved emotionally and pray.

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