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SCARED (In English)

A group of new student a school in Thailand perform a activity orient the new student to a forest by bus. At the forest, forest guard does not permit they enter to the forest. When disappointment, come a man offering enter to the forest of through secret road. After venomous debate, at finally all student ready to follow the indicator walker through secret road.

But accident happened when bus through a bridge. Bridge crumple and bus fall to river, driver and a student defeated because that accident. All safe student decide to step into the forest to look for the local resident aid
In reality the forest is very inhospitable, 4 student defeated because accident in forest. More hard because in the forest is dwelt by psychopath. All psychopaths kill the student one by one by sadis

Finally only 5 students live, these are Phi May. Ploy, Mai, Mew And Pawk. Mai, Mew And Pawk even succeed to follow a psychopath to his den.
In the reality all psychopath are recognized by all student, Who are they? And Have the murder planned?
Watch this film by your self, as thriller film, this film is good enough.

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