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Red Cliff (In English)

Emperor Xian is one king of Dynasty Hang in Chinese in the year 208 C in fact he is a doll king because he is always mastered by his Prime Minister Cao Cao. Once upon time Emperor Xian agrees Cao Cao to groan area in south that mastered by Liu Bei and Sun Quan.

The first attack addressed at Liu Bei teritory. Because failing in number of military personnel, Liu Bei army fails and retreats to southland.
In escape area, Liu Bei and his generals compile tactic for the next battle. At finally one of Liu Bei Generals who is General of Zhu Ge gets the idea for the coalition with Sun Quan Kingdom ( Wu Kingdom).

With crucially, General of Zhu Ge succeed to persuade Sun Quan and his Generals for the coalition. Even Sun Quan younger sister who called Sun Shang Xiang follow to joint battle with her woman corps.
At finally the battle among Cao Cao army and Li Bei-Sun Quang Coalition Army is happened.
Li Bei-Sun Quang Coalition Army soldiers is less than Cao Cao soldiers, but with exact strategy Li Bei-Sun Quang Coalition Army can defeat Cao Cao army.
Allthough Cao Cao army have palsied, Cao Cao still has Navy. The battle between Cao Cao Navy and Li Bei-Sun Quan Coalition Navy will be continued in Red Cliff II.

My opinion about this film :The story of this collosal film is very simple but the artistic setting of this film makes me marvel because can make collosal and beautiful pictures.
I has shown the pictures that shown how collosal this film in previuous article (in Indonesian)

Ending Words :With collosal and beautiful pictures, this film is very easy to enjoyed, but unhappily continued to the next film.
Come on to wait together for this colossal film sequel.

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