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Mr. Vincent sail with 5 staffs. In that ship also 8 other passenger. 4 captive passengers is murderer of heavy class who just go out from prison, they are Nollan, Gwen, Rommie And Crick. While 4 other passengers are millionaire who family from the fourth murderer victim..
In reality that millionaire have paid costly to Mr. Vincent to revenge to 4 murderer who killed their family.

Revenge done by free four murderers to a remote island without any weapon then 4 millionaires hunt them with the complete weapon.
Undetected by them, that remote island in reality dwelt by ferocious giant snake lead four that referred by ancient Greek legend is Hydra. 2 millionaires and 2 staffs Mr. Vincent have been preyed by that Hydra.

Four murderers who omit 3 because Crick has been murdered by millionaire hunter meet scientist who called Valerie. Valerie is the single woman who still live from a group that come to that island 2 months ago, all other dissimilar man of scientist have preyed by Hydra.
When Hydra have more and more eats victim, Valerie, Nollan, Gwen And Ronnie agree to kill that Hydra.

Killing Hydra is very difficult because Hydra only can be murdered with the Hercules Sword that in cave. But with not surender struggling, at finally Nollan succeed to kill the Hydra with Hercules Sword. How is that hydra murder? See that film by your self, OK?

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