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Ferocious giant snake resulted from transgenetic experiment
Directed by: Don E. FauntLeRoy
Produced by:Vlad Paunescu,Benjamin Sacks,Alison Semenza,Bryan S. Sexton Written by :Nicholas Davidoff,David C. Olson Starring :Crystal Allen,David Hasselhoff,John Rhys-Davies,Patrick Regis,Anthony Green Music by :Peter Meisner Cinematography :Don E. FauntLeRoy Editing by : Scott Conrad
Release date(s) July 26, 2008 Running time 2 hours.
Mr. Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies) is a milyader who have pharmacy company that called Wexel Hall Pharmaceutical . Wexel Hall Pharmaceutical have a secret laboratory in the middle of forest that research to look for serum that can heal Cancer and make ageless.
Transgenetic experiment done at a anaconda so that the anaconda as long as 60 feet during 4 month. Expected a serum can be yielded from that anaconda.

Big problem begin when Mr. Murdoch make mistake by flashing flash light at anaconda cage. Anaconda very angry and succeed to break loose the cage. Anaconda prey all scientist of Wexel Hall Pharmaceutical. Only one scientist live. She is a Young and beautifull Doctor, Dr. Amanda Hays (Crystal Allen) .
Because the experiment is very secreet, Mr. Murdoch do not recourse to military of but rent Payment hunter of led by Hammet (David Hasselhoff) . Anaconda hunting begin by Dr. Amanda, Hammet and his staff.to forest.
The problem more complicated because Anaconda will lay eggs during 24 hours so that during less than 24 hours anaconda have to be killed or increase a lot of.

The hunting is difficult because that anaconda is very ferocious so can kill all Hammet staff but when anaconda den found and anaconda ready to killed, in the reality there is conspiracy among Hammet and Mr. Murdoch.
M r. Murdoch wish that anaconda linger even lay eggs because the serum yielded from anaconda child..
Hammet invite the Dr. Amanda to cooperate but Amanda conscience make she refuse. After venomous fight, Amanda succeed to kill Hammet and anaconda.

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